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  • 08/13/2021 2:10 PM | Anonymous

    August CCREIA Meeting Topic:
    Money! Money! Money!
    Creative Financing methods & Commercial Financing made easy.

    Allen Tyndall,
    Eagles Coast Capital, Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur
    What are some of the different types of creative financing out there
    How do you find these creative financing opportunities?
    What should a buyer have prepared to show creative lenders?
    What is the approval process?
    How long does approval take?
    What are the different types of terms to borrow and pay the funds back?
    Lee Bunch
    United Bank
    How do you obtain a commercial loan?
    Do I need a financial statement or a business plan?
    Can I finance a business?
    Can I finance a building and a business purchase together?
    Can I finance the business equipment and upfit of a business location together in the same loan?
    What are the steps and the process?
    How does a commercial loan process differ from a commercial loan process
    How long does it take to get approved?
    What are the costs?

  • 07/09/2021 9:15 AM | Anonymous

    July Monthly Meeting - CCREIA Investor Networking

    Escape the heat & humidity for a casual, meet & greet networking meeting at BlueMind Co-Working on Thursday July 8th! 

    Networking with and learning about other investors and how they run their businesses and build their real estate portfolios is hands down one of the best ways to grow your own! Our membership is full of knowledgeable, industry-leading professionals, from builders & realtors to lenders & landlords and we're all looking to learn from one another.

    Our meetings have something for everyone, whether you're a new investor looking to build your team or a seasoned investor interested in finding new revenue streams. 

  • 06/11/2021 2:13 PM | Anonymous

    Building Vs Renovating & Flipping 
    with Steve Dutton 
    experienced local builder, flipper, investor & craftsman
     Steve Dutton is a local real estate investor, rehabber, builder in Wilmington, NC. with more than 100 "flips" and new houses under his belt...single-family stick-built.
    Steve can speak to the following:

    • Building new vs Rehabbing
    • Estimating & planning a job
    • Managing risk
    • Getting Creative
    • Financing & getting started
    • Supply Chain Issues
    • Hiring Labor
    • Best practices & disciplines
    • Surprises you find in the field
    • One mans trash is another man’s treasure

    Steve has a passion for what he does and is a dynamic speaker and individual that likes to help others.  You wont want to miss this meeting

  • 05/14/2021 2:15 PM | Anonymous

    We've missed out investor clan so much and are so pleased to announce our first in-person meeting of 2021!

    Thursday, May 13th from 6-8:30pm at 301 Government Center Drive.  

    This month's meeting with be a chance for everyone to reconnect, socialize and enjoy some delicious catered goods from Pine Valley Market. It's a perfect way to make new connections, see some old ones and swap war stories from our 2020 real estate adventures. 

    As this will be a fairly big transition for all of us (we don't know about you, but we've honestly forgotten where the non-pajama clothes are stored...) please be sure to cut yourself and your fellow members a little extra slack as we all return to the new normal. Masks will be optional and  available for those who want to wear them but not required. We will follow all guidelines set forth by our new meeting space. No judgement welcome either way, so leave the opinions at the door.

    We're also excited to share our new membership platform, Wild Apricot, with our members. There will be more information coming on this exciting update at the meeting!

  • 03/13/2020 2:19 PM | Anonymous

    Meeting Topic: How To Overcome & Eliminate Buyer Objections - Sell/Rent/Flip Your Properties Faster & Put More Money In Your Pocket!

    Join us for our March 2020 meeting to learn tips to effectively market your properties to potential buyers & tenants for quicker sales, bigger profits and less headaches during due diligence and closing. Use the nuggets at this meeting to put more money in your pocket and put you in better control of your sale & rental property.
    Home Inspections - Stuart Vick of Amerispec Home Inspections will share what he has discovered on the job and what you could do as a buyer or seller to avoid big home inspection repairs or credits. 
    The following items will be discussed:

    •        What buyers fear
    •        What buyers find acceptable
    •        Easily repaired items that can save a deal
    •        Most common deal killers
    •        How a seller home inspection help sell your home & net you more $$$
    •        What to look for when viewing a home as a buyer
    FYI – Stuart plans to bring lots of pictures and details
    Staging - Rebecca Mickler of A Space to Call Home Interiors will discuss the following:
    •        Simple steps you can take to get your property market ready
    •        Popular home design trends and no fail finishes
    •        Common mistakes investors make when flipping and renovating
    •        What buyers want..and what they don't care about
    •        Where to invest to get the most bang for your buck
    •        Why staging is the BEST investment you can make in your property...even better than          granite counters!
    Marketing - Michael Otelsberg of Century 21 Sweyer will discuss how to market your properties for a quicker sale and receive top $$$.
    •        Photographs
    •        Floor Plans
    •        Community Documents
    •        Plat Plans
    •        Appraisals
    •        Home Warranties

  • 02/14/2020 2:20 PM | Anonymous

    Meeting Topic: How To Use Local County Websites In Your Real Estate Investing Business

    Did you know that personal property records are public information? In this digital age, there is so much information about a potential or new property you can learn without leaving your office!. This month, learn how to find all types of critical property data & records from your own home or a potential new deal in a few clicks of the mouse.

    We will be reviewing How To:

    1. Check the Register of Deeds for liens, Deeds of Trust or Easements
    2.  Find plat maps and covenants & restrictions
    3. Check the tax records
    4. Find out who owns the neighboring property
    5. Check current zoning
    6. Find the zoning ordinance
    7. Find school districts the property is in
    8. What kind of permits have been applied for
    9. Is the property in a flood zone?
    10. What are the property lines or measurements?
    11. What is the approximate property elevation?
    12. What are the soils?
    13. What subdivisions, re-zonings or variances are pending or approved nearby?
    14. What infrastructure is in or planned?
    15. What road projects are planned nearby?

    Mike Arkinson, Enterprise Analytics Supervisor,For the Information Technology Department of New Hanover County will demonstrate how to find these hidden gems on the New Hanover County Website. Many other county websites offer similar features.

  • 01/10/2020 4:23 PM | Anonymous

    What’s Your 2020 Real Estate Investing Vision?
    Pick An Investment Strategy & Just Do It!

    Our January 2020 meeting will feature a panel of local investors that will share their personal experiences in different aspects of real estate investing. Learn the basics about four different investment paths from local investors doing it and then pick your passion.

    This is a PERFECT meeting for new real estate investors AND seasoned investors looking for new strategies to expand your portfolio! Real people doing real deals!

    Learn about:

    1.  Air BNB (Weekly & vacation rental)
    2. Annual rentals (long term rentals)
    3. Wholesaling deals
    4. Flipping houses

    We’ll cover questions on each strategy such as:

    • How do you get started?
    • How do you find the deals?
    • How much of a time investment is needed?
    • What knowledge do you need?
    • How does it work?
    • What time commitments are required?
    • What are the pros & cons of these different investment strategies?
    • What tools can you use to make the process more efficient?
    • How much cash do you need? How do you finance or structure purchases?

  • 11/15/2019 2:25 PM | Anonymous

    Market Update & Round Table Networking

    Join us Thursday November 14th for a 2 prong approach to achieving your real estate goals in 2020! First we'll review the current market stats and discuss forecasts for the real estate market in 2020, followed by our Round Table Networking! Round tables are the BEST way to get to know other investors in our meetings. New and seasoned REIA members alike make terrific connections at the round tables and always leave with at least one "nugget" of info they didn't have before! Find out how other investors work, discuss ways you could work together and nail down solid strategies to achieve your 2020 goals!

    Market Update & Forecast for 2020
    by Michael Otelsberg, Century 21 Sweyer & Associates

    • How is the market doing today? 
    • How did it perform in 2019? Will the market to continue increasing?
    • What could cause the market to stall or dip?
    • What investment strategies could you benefit from most in 2020?

    Followed By
    Round Table Networking 

    Share ideas networking round table discussions with local investors & learn how they build their business.  Learn & get motivated from successes of other investors! 

    • How do they do it? Share personal goals & experiences.
    • What is your Why?  Why invest? What is your passion?
    • How do you start investing or just energize yourself to move up to the next level?
    • Doing the work? Just do it? Getting back on track? Being persistent & relentless?
    • How do you make your plan & measure your results?

  • 10/11/2019 8:28 AM | Anonymous

    Strategies For Achieving Your Goals 

    Join us Thursday for a two prong strategy on lending & investing real estate funds to achieve your financial goals. Kate Medina, a Senior Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch Wealth will discuss retirement plans & wealth management and be followed by a panel of expert, local lenders who will share the scoop on how to get the loans you need to fund your deals! 

    Kate Medina - Senior Financial Advisor @ Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
    • What is an individual K retirement plan & what makes this plan different?
    • How can you borrow against your retirement funds?
    • What can a Wealth Management Adviser do for you?
    • How do you qualify to work with the wealth management department or a private banker?
    • How can I borrow against my stocks or CD's?
    Finding The Right Lender

    Borrowing is not that hard if you know how it works!  Learn how different lenders work and which is the best to accomplish your flips, long term holds or business ideas. Our panel will include
     They will cover:
    • What do each of these lender look for in a borrower?
    • What loan programs do they offer?
    • What are the best loans to use for flips or long term holds and why?
    • What does the loan process involve? Documents.. Timeline..
    • What is a financial statement & do I need one?
    • What documents should I have ready?

  • 09/13/2019 1:29 PM | Anonymous

    How To Invest Your IRA And Diversify Your Retirement Savings

    Dean Manzettii, National Speaker & Education Specialist for Equity Trust, is flying in from Ohio to provide information on... 

    • How to invest your IRA money in real estate
    • How to use an IRA as an additional source of capital
    • What is a self directed IRA? How do I set one up?
    • How can you borrow against your IRA account?
    • How can you diversify your retirement savings in real estate and other investments
    • Learn from real-life case studies of self-directed IRA success
    • What type of self-directed IRA investments are allowable by the IRS
    • How to grow real estate profits grow in a tax advantaged environment
    • 7 types of tax-advantaged accounts

    Added  REIA Member Bonus...

    Local REIA Members be sure to stick around so Coastal REIA board member, Hannah Tew,  can take us through a tutorial on how to access the National REIA discounts you are entitled to as REIA members.

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